How does The Gourmet Society Work?

Restaurants invite our tens of thousands of members to try their normal a la carte menu with an exclusive offer.

The Gourmet Society accepts the following offers;

  • 2 for 1
  • 25% off the total bill

Restaurants may choose to restrict members from using the card on their busiest days. You may also limit the number of times members can dine using the Gourmet Society card. However, the better the offer, the better the response thus creating increased future business.

Members must mention they wish to use their GS card when booking.

Your restaurant and the offers you choose will be promoted in our Directory and on our website in the form of an editorial feature with photographs. Your restaurant will also feature in any promotional letters/leaflets we print for mail shots.

Partner restaurants that choose to limit the number of times a card can be used will be assigned a unique number(s) that are on the reverse of each member's GS card. Simply cross off your number from their card when they visit.

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